ICEE/ICIT Conference Cape Town 2013

iNEER  is a global professional organization formed by the world engineering community to promote mutual progress in teaching and learning through international cooperation. iNEER is a non-profit organisation based in Potomac, Maryland, USA that seeks to promote development of international understanding and partnership through information sharing.


The widening network of educators and researchers covers 98 countries, and is linked through the iNEER website, archival publications, electronic communication system and various conferences, workshops, and retreats.

The 2013 ICEE/ICIT conference was devoted to various aspects of future cross-regional collaboration in (ICT) for education and research. The conference emphasized development of international partnerships in education and research and served as a forum for establishing new contacts and discussing future projects.

A broad range of topics/areas were covered. These included:

Technology for Sustainable Development

Technology Education

Engineering, Design and Technology

  • University-community Engagement
  • Social Media and Development
  • Efficacy of FOSS Deployment
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Collaboration and Service Innovation
  • Development Services and Infrastructure
  • ICT4D Research and Practice
  • Best Practices in Service Learning
  • Innovations in e-Learning
  • Best Practices in Multimedia-based Education
  • Technology-moderated Training Approaches
  • Social Impact of Technology-driven Education
  • International Cooperation in ICT and/or Engineering Education
  • Engineering Education in the Information Age
  • Modes and Methods in ICT and/or Engineering Education
    • Mechatronics
    • Embedded Systems
    • Telecommunications
    • Design in ICT and/or Engineering Practice
    • Innovative ICT and/or Engineering Approaches
    • The Efficacy of Engineering, Design and Technology Projects
    • Agile Methods in Competitive Systems Development
    • Engineering, Design and Technology for Developing Countries


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